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    A Guide To Wedding Shapewear For Any Bride-To-Be

    Shapewear has been a staple in women’s fashion for centuries—ultra-tight corsets were a must-have for women during the Victorian era—but it was not common to discuss it openly until very recently. With the wholehearted support of outspoken celebs and style icons like Kim Kardashian, shapewear has become far less taboo and much more widely accepted […]

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    Tips in Buying Pearl Jewelries

    If you are in to pearls, chances are you already have an idea on what type of pearls appeal to you. Pearls have their own niche in the jewelry world.  The benefit of buying pearl jewelry clearly lies in their versatility and durability. If you are on the lookout for that perfect pearl jewelry that […]

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    Panerai 18kt Luminor 8 Days GMT Rose Gold Review

    Panerai’s luxury Luminor Series watches are a highly sought after timepiece that is iconic in both name and design. Made from the finest gold, sapphire crystal, leather, and in-house movement, the 18kt Luminor 8 Days Rose Gold Men’s Watch is a stunning example of Swiss engineering and design. Size/Specs/Design The 18kt Rose Gold Luminor GMT […]

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    Golden Rules For Evening Dresses

    Sometimes we are invited to gala parties, and we have to find the perfect evening dresses which can be very challenging. Sometimes we fall in love, at first sight, we a dress we consider perfect, and we believe that it will look perfect on us. But in many cases, we end up uncomfortable the whole […]

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    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shopping Engagement Ring

    So, your wish came true. She’s finally decided to live with you for the rest of her life. Soon, you’ll be out there searching for engagement rings or wedding rings (depends upon the two of you). Lucky      tea.me  for you, there’s a large variety of engagement rings for you. Here are the things […]

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    Things To Consider When Picking Out Best Aesthetic Clothing

    We live in a world where people are quite stressed out and more concerned about their careers, urban lifestyle, and everyday problems and much more. For these reasons and several others, the modern individuals must and should enjoy to the fullest every pleasurable thing we come across in our lives. This is not just for […]

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    Time to refresh wardrobe young attractive disappointed woman searching for clothing in a closet
    Women’s Best Aesthetic Clothing Online – A Matter of Taste

    One thing that everyone agrees on in the niche of women clothing is that women definitely have more options to choose from than men. There are several different categories when it comes to clothing from the formals, or the informal, and even casuals. They most common type of clothing, particularly for women is the casual […]

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    The Online Eyeglasses Shopping Experience

    Today, we live in a digital era where most of the shopping behavior is controlled by the online sites. There are ample e-Commerce sites developing everyday that target And Company.net segment. No longer has a person taken the pain of visiting the store physically and making a purchase. An online shopping is the best form […]

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    Ideas In Choosing The Right Plus Size Designer Dresses For A Wedding

    During a wedding preparation, a lot of anxiety that couples feel is centered on shopping dress- especially for plus-sized brides. It’s understandable. While a good plus-sized dress is easier to come by, looking for something style and comfortable is still difficult. Here are 5 plus-sized wedding dress buying tips. Know the shape of your body. […]