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4 Benefits of Choosing a Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage jewellery is often considered as far more desirable than modern jewellery for a number of reasons! The elegance and beauty of vintage jewellery can be hard to find in modern engagement rings, which is why vintage engagement rings are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

If you are considering choosing a vintage engagement ring for your loved one, here are four reasons that will help you decide it is the right thing to do!

Better Value for Money

In most cases, when you buy a piece of vintage jewellery, it will have already been bought once before. When that purchase went through, VAT (value added tax) would have been paid to the government, and this is only ever charged once on the same item.

So, when you buy a ring second hand, you will save 20%. You can buy a ring with the same quality stone and metal, but pay 20% less for it! You will be able to get so much more for your money.

More Character

Throughout the centuries, jewellery tastes have changed quite significantly. Therefore, the authentic character that is embedded into these rings is fantastic. You will find small quirks that simply aren’t found in modern jewellery, so if uniqueness is a quality you see in your partner, then you will be able to reflect that through your choice of vintage engagement ring.

For example, the bold colours and geometric patterns found in Art Deco jewellery are rarely recreated today. Striking emerald rings were extremely popular in this era and continue to make a style statement today.  If you’re looking for a striking ring that is full of character, a vintage engagement ring sounds like the best choice.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Modern jewellery is often mass produced, with the exception of the most expensive jewellery on the market. However, when vintage jewellery was created, there simply was not the option to mass produce, meaning everything was carefully crafted by hand.

The level of craftsmanship not only resulted in beautiful rings, but also ones that were carefully formed. Whilst modern engagement rings might look more polished, the ornateness of vintage rings is absolutely stunning and you can’t beat the quality.

You Have a Piece of History

Something that is a massive pull for some people when it comes to vintage engagement rings is the fact that it is a piece of history. That piece of jewellery would have been a part of at least one, if not many more, love stories from the past.

This element of romanticism is very appealing to many people and you have the opportunity to continue the story for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Vintage engagement rings offer fantastic value, they are full of character, they have been expertly crafted and your loved one will be able to carry a piece of history with them every single day.

Many people are unsure where to start when it comes to vintage jewellery, however if you make sure that you visit a certified jeweller, you are likely to get a fair value and high quality product.

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