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5 Stylish Luxury Watches to Gift Your Dad On Father’S Day

Considering ideal gifts for men, watches come to mind as the perennial favorite. This happens for many reasons. Watches are, after all, reliable timepieces, and can measure up to symbolize your father’s ethos. Timepieces have a distinct quality of being timeless as they only appreciate with age, much like you appreciate your father with time.

What do you base your choice on, then? Think of the traits your dad possesses, and a perfect watch will come to mind. For instance, if he has a modern aura, you can go in for a design that is contemporary. If you are thinking of the luxury segment, you will find an array of watches that emanate style and class. In this article, you will find 5 superb watches for men. Wrist watches from premier brands like Ciga, Tag Heuer and Rolex hit the spot.

Ciga Z- Series Titanium Automatic

Among elegant timepieces for men, watches from Ciga are famous for versatile design. Made from Titanium alloy, this watch is stunning and skin-friendly. Exceptionally lightweight, it has a refined strap with a sapphire glass face through which moving parts are visible. An enduring watch, the ‘Tonneau’ face displays length and its precise automatic movement. The watch stands out as much as your dad.

Rolex Submariner

If you can afford it, you can’t get more luxurious than a Rolex. For a dad that’s fond of water, this is classically marine-themed. The watch dates back to 1953, and now, comes in automatic precision. Appearing on the wrist of James Bond, it has silver steel style and unmatched excellence. The dark dial offsets the body and dad will be thrilled!

Ciga Aircraft Carrier Automatic Watch

A Ciga watch always makes an impression, and a statement on your dad’s wrist. This skeleton wrist watch displays see-through automatic movement to the fullest and is inspired by original aircraft casing. The curved face is influenced by the carrier deck of aircraft. This black number with an aircraft embossed on the dial is always appealing to men. Wrist watches don’t get more rugged and brilliant than this.

Full Hollow Ciga Automatic

An award winner, this square design watch has an anti-seismic mechanism and exudes quality. Available in black and silver, the watch reeks of design innovations. With flexible supports cleverly inserted between the movement and the case, the watch effectively resists shock. In all the gifts for  men, watches like this, travel the distance.

Tag Heuer Formula One

First introduced in 1986, this Tag is inspired by race cars and Formula One circuits. A casual watch, by luxury standards, this steel phenomenal watch has a gray dial with a case width at 40 mm.

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