6 Tips For Hair Stylists To Style Curly Hairs

These days, hair salon business has been one of the fastest growing businesses around the world. People are going crazy about unique and trendy hair styles. New styles   come in every season and make young and old, men and women follow them. One of the reason for such massive response has been attributed to hair stylists and salons.

Dig deeper and see why hair salons have been increasing day and night.

  1. People have learnt about new styles, and they also know that only professionals can give them those styles.
  2. Cutting hairs at home is not obsolete in many countries, but it’s certainly odd and old-fashioned way of treating hairs. New generation doesn’t like it.
  3. In salons you don’t only get a haircut, experts often provide free-of-cost advices to keep them growing.
  4. Perhaps, the internet has made it easier for the people to locate professionals and get cheaper services. Web services, like Make Me Fabulous beauty directory have shown professional hairstylists a way to market their services. By the way, MMF beauty listing are not just meant for salons, beauticians, wedding planners and makeup artists can join too.

Coming back to the point on hair cutting, have you any idea about the most difficult hairs to cut? Long hairs, short hairs, bulky hairs, or curly hairs may be!

Well, curly hairs are the most tricky ones, even for hairstylists. Anyways, you cannot just accept the reality and succumb to it if you have curly hairs. In fact, curly hairs, if kept properly, are the most attractive piece of beauty on anyone.

So, here are some tips and tricks to style curly hairs.

  1. Use conditioner, or conditioner-like shampoo to avoid this problem. The oil and dirt will rinse out leaving the hairs clean but they don’t have the glassy feeling that shampoo leaves.
  1. People with curly hairs have a misconception that by removing too much weight, the hairs will become puffy and big. Reality is, layers help curly hairs to move. You can begin with vertical cuts, then cut individual curls to make some moving space.
  1. Good hairstylists on mmf beautyrefrain from too much texturing on curly hairs. You have to remove the weight but not from the ends. If the ends are heavy the hairs will take shape. Over texturing curly hair always disturb the pattern of curl and make them frizzy.
  1. Curly hairs get longer when wet. So, the length will shrink as you cut them. In between, you will observe that ends need more cutting than you expected. If you’re cutting someone’s hairs, inform him or her how much you will cut and how much they would shrink.
  1. Rewetting is the easiest way you should reshape curls. When you finished cutting, use water spray to rewet the hair, or rinse them. Then use your fingers for styling, not the comb.
  1. No need to experiment with new products that claim to remove frizz. Water glue the hairs together but as it evaporates, the hair get messy. You can put conditioner that stays longer and give frizz-free curl.

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