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Wedding planning industry in India has flourished a great deal ever since Indian trends and traditions reached people far and wide, courtesy, Bollywood and Indians. For centuries, people in the west have been keen to know the secrets of subcontinent, and India is the heart of it. Indians taught many things to the world and traditional Indian wedding is one of the main features of their teachings.

Today, there is a large number of wedding planners who offer Indian wedding planning as one of their main selling items. You don’t need to worry if you want to plan an Indian wedding in Vancouver, because L’Escape destination wedding planner Vancouver are well-known for all kinds of wedding, be it an Indian, Muslim, or typical Christian Wedding.

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In fact, plenty of Indian destination wedding planners Vancouver can do the job, but not everyone can make the real difference. If you have no experience of organizing weddings, don’t take your chances by doing it all by yourself. Even if you intend to hire a good service, you need to make sure they’re exceptional in their field.

While considering different options on the internet, you can go through these tips and see which one suits your purpose.

Quality of Service

What do you want to see in a perfect wedding besides perfect couple?

  • A unique theme
  • Great environment
  • Well-cooked food
  • Consistent supply of beverages
  • Well rehearsed events, and much more

And you wouldn’t prefer to save money over quality, at all. Professional wedding planners have professionally trained staff who makes sure everything remains in order throughout the wedding. By taking care of small things, they make a huge difference.


The whole idea of hiring a wedding planner is based on cost-effectiveness. But professional wedding planners can get you better discounts. Because they’re stuffed with wedding projects and keep paying their suppliers on regular basis, professional wedding planners have better credibility than most ordinary ones. Therefore, suppliers and vendors happily offer them more discounts on their services.


Another aspect of wedding planning that makes a wedding perfect, good or bad, is time. Although, time is the key in every business, it’s more important for wedding planning. Preparations start months before the wedding. Everything needs to be properly scheduled and it needs to be executed according to plan. There are some tough situations that require instant decision making and only a professional knows what to do.

Indian destination weddings are best examples that teach time management. They require special arrangements. If you live in Toronto, better hire Vancouver Indian destination wedding planning company rather than any wedding planning company for Indian weddings.

Work Commitment

When it comes to wedding, it’s pretty easy to blame others when something goes wrong. This is where you can differentiate between pros and beginners. You wouldn’t expect a pro to blame caterers for not delivering the food on time. Professional wedding planners take the responsibility of anything good or bad, and try to make emends if possible.

You’ve definitely learnt a thing or two from this post. Now, go ahead and get the best service in town!

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