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Flowing Trousers For Women variation Is The Spice Of Life

Since the time when trousers had been adopted in Western Europe, they used to be largely worn by men than by women until the early 20th century. Women started wearing trousers as leisurewear during the 1920s and 30s. Trousers for women are one of the most comfortable and convenient outfits that could ever be designed. Along with the perfect mix of convenience and comfort trousers for women are also high on style. Trousers for women can flatter a woman in the most happening way to make her look smart and trendy. For the modern women, these are now available in varying lengths and styles and looks now, like the flowing long palazzo pants and the slightly shorter version known as culottes; but out of all the different looks that have been derived from the basic trousers for women, jeans are one of the best ever inventions in the history of fashion.



Jeans are out-and-out practical and relaxed and need no extra effort for maintaining them, making them perfect for daily wear and tear. A modern woman is honestly incomplete without a nice pair of jeans for women. Much like the latest western dresses that we simply adore, a well fitted pair of jeans for women is also an absolutely timeless outfit that can possibly never go out of fashion grow outdated. In fact the ripped and distressed look of jeans is highly in demand. Girls now love the old and tattered look of jeans for women and are ready to shell out bucks to get the perfectly … well imperfectly torn jeans which is the hottest style today. Nowadays, a range of jeans for women specifically tailored to suit the unique shape of any woman is doing the rounds. Staring with skinny jeans to jeans with flares to the ones made for the plus size women – the options we get to choose from are endless. The best pairs of jeans that we can wisely invest in should be the ones that look basic but are versatile enough to look flattering with any outfit, for basic jeans for women are versatile and can look great with any damn kind of tops like blouses and tshirts and fashionable tops and even sweaters and shirts.

As a more evolved version of trousers for women, palazzo pants have made a return. With their unique silhouette, these loose and long trousers are no doubt a good way to give a much required break to the tight jeans and tube dresses. Palazzo pants can be worn to any place and event, starting with our work place where formal dressing is expected, to high street fashion with an ultra casual touch, palazzo pants can be worn anywhere. Palazzos are generally more comfortable for the slightly warmer days till the cold winter sets in. The spring and summer seasons are all about these palazzo pants which are available now in different lengths too and are called by different names like culottes, gauchos. Styling them can be much fun for they have opened up many ways in which we can experiment with our looks. We can choose to go casual with quirky patterns keeping the blouse simple. We can also choose to wear palazzos with lace tops and our favourite pumps. We can even go bold by displaying just a hint of midriff in palazzo pants and cropped tops. Palazzos in more sober and neutral looks can also be teamed with a smart leather jacket over a plain blouse with decent wedges and this combination works magic at work since it does not scream for attention but is a cool and sober look.



The skinny look of jeans has been prevailing for such a long time, like almost a decade in our mainstream lives that we have almost lost the courage to try out a different look, particularly when the outfits can offer an entirely different appearance which is removed from the usual. Such is the style which culottes can bring about. Culottes are slightly cropped palazzo pants which look amazingly smart and elegant and smart, all at the same time and honestly, the best part is that culottes are incredibly flattering too. They only make the slimmest part of our body visible, which is our ankles, below their wide and loose hem line. This renders an overall balanced look to us. The shoes that we choose to wear with your culottes can play a vital role, though the fashion gurus encourage trying out all possible quirky combos, but we must not ignore the top that we plan to team with them, since both are equally important to attain a proportionate look.

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