Trends How the Color Match Your Scalp
How the Color Match Your Scalp

HD means “high definition”HD lace wig can also be a majestic lace called Swiss lace, concealed from the scalp. Which suggests the wig carrier will have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and provides the lace an unrecognizable hairline.

Separate your hair and your appearance on a scalp color. Please pick a lace color that matches your scalp’s color. If you can’t find the right lace color for your scalp, it’s safer to switch slightly than black. If you’re still uncertain, transparent lace would be the safe state choice.

Here Are Few Methods to Match Color with Your Scalp

Method 1: Makeup Foundation

This method is that the easiest and quickest one, but it’s only a short lived solution to repair and adjust your lace color. You simply need a foundation powder and a brush to correct your lace color.

Firstly, flip the wig inside out .Then take a foundation and lightly press their product on your lace to match the color of your skin. This takes only a few minute.

This technique is best for short-term lace wig wearers as makeup becomes messy and wears off after 2 to three days.

Method 2: Make-Up Spray:

Make-up spray is best used with wet HD lace wigs if you prefer this method. On the rear of the lace sprinkle tint. For 1 or two minutes you’ll allow it to dry or a couple of seconds to dry.

Method 3: Dyeing Lace

Fill a basin with warm water. Choose one dye shade which will match your skin tone. Use a few of drops of dye and dip the lam into the basin for about 10 minutes. Check the color often or until it’s reached your required tone. Don’t submerge the whole wig.

Next, you will want to clean it with cold water so that the color enters. During this step; you’ll use any shampoo and conditioner. After washing and conditioning, let the hair dry naturally. This method is relatively more complex, but the effect is permanent.

Method 4: Tea Bags:

If you are doing not have any dye available, there’s another method for you. Just make 10 bags of tea and a pot of misfortune, and you’ll easily color your HD lace wig! Make a packet of 10 or 20 tea bags and throw the tea bags into a pot of boiled water. Use a spoon or a utensil that you simply gently continue the tea bag to urge obviates the color. Then, remove the tea bags and permit them to boil for a further 3 minutes. Then, pack up the heat and let the water cool for two minutes to use the suitable temperature. Hold the very best of your wig and dip the tear into the tea water. Slightly like Method 3, you need to check the lace color frequently to request the suitable color. The last step is to scrub your lace wig with shampoo and conditioner. Confirm you wash easily and thoroughly to urge obviate the smell of tea.

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