How To Dress Like A Local Around The World ?

Fashion varies as much as anything else around the globe, so what you’ve got in your wardrobe might not necessarily play well while you are travelling around the world.

Online luxury stores like Elitify,TATA CLiQ Luxury, Darvey’sand so on gives you wide range clothing that can blend you with the local to the place where you’re travelling.

Not dressing to stand out among the crowd to avoid that awkward moment.If you need to blend in with the locals, these are the tips you need:


This cosmopolitan atmosphere, combined with Germany’s rich cultural heritage, has led to a relaxed and open-minded attitude to clothing. Although men and women tend to dress in a conservative manner, Germany’s burgeoning fashion scene is becoming more influential.

Business dress in Germany depends on the particular working environment. In corporate sectors such as banking or the legal profession, both men and women dress in a formal and conservative manner. Men usually wear suits and ties.

Those working in the information technology and media sectors tend to wear more informal dress and male employees don’t usually wear ties. Some professions adhere to the “casual Friday” concept and allow workers to wear relaxed clothing on Fridays.


French people are quite stylish but that doesn’t necessarily mean lavish outfit. Classics like Breton tee, rollnecks and well-cut blazers remain. French have refined the retro American look of leather paired with denim jeans.

But, unlike the more hipster antics of east London and Brooklyn in New York, French denim maintains its clean lines and classic washes (raw and mid-blue), without vintage hues or heavy signs of distress.

United Kingdom:

In The UK you will see people wearing all kinds of clothing – from smart to casual, eccentric to traditional.

UK schools, colleges and universities are typically informal environments where you can choose what to wear.

  • For colleges, students tend to wear casual clothes, such as jeans, T-shirts, jumpers and dresses.
  • For parties, people dress in many different styles, from casual jeans to glamorous outfits.
  • If it’s a more formal evening event, such as a university ball, this might mean wearing a dress or suit and tie. You can avoid the expense of buying formal wear by hiring it from a local shop or outfitters.
  • The weatherin the UK is rarely extreme, but it can change quickly. In just one day, you might have warm sunshine, rain and cold wind. Wear several layers so you can put them on or take them off as the weather changes, and always carry an umbrella.
  • The UK is a multicultural place and it is common for people to wear clothing associated with their culture and religion, for example a head scarf kippah, turban, sari or long skirt. In major towns and cities you will find specialist online shops selling designer clothes for men and women from around the world, particularly Asian and Middle Eastern clothing.

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