Liat Kourtz Oved Has Made Coverme The Best To Buy Kids Clothes

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Buying children’s clothes is a struggle. I’m sure both new and seasoned parents can agree without a moment of hesitation. You will find yourself confused between buying them cute, stylish clothes and not overspending because they almost immediately get them stained, torn, or simply outgrow them. And with so much variety online, it is such a daunting task to shop. But now you do not need to worry anymore.



Liat Kourtz Oved understands the problems of not having the time to navigate a good store and then add to the constant struggle to find functional yet trendy clothing. Therefore, the here-commerce store has a kid clothing section that offers infants as well as kids’ clothes while keeping the range of styles, sizing inclusivity, quality of materials, and prices in mind.


CoverMe is a reliable store to buy children’s clothes. The clothing runs true to the size, which makes it convenient to shop online, and with their next-day delivery service, getting your order is easy and fast. They offer a large range of collection for infants that includes single pieces and sets.

They have various pieces like bodysuits, swimsuits, dresses, coats, skirts, pants, and sweaters, but accessories like shoes, hats, and socks are available too. The clothes are well-made, and the material used is of good quality, which ensures that the fabric can take repeated washing and the color will not fade.

The quality of the fabric, buttons seems to equate to that of adult clothing, and the designs are very practical, trendy, and modern too. You will love the collection for its distinct prints and patterns that go hand in hand with global fashion styles.



They offer well-known brands like Steve Madden and Fila. The clothes are so cute and stylish it almost makes you wish that you can fit into them too. The white fila girls dress paired with K-RAMSEE white steve madden boots will have your kid stealing the show. Their fur sandals will have you in awe.


Even the socks available are just the most adorable little pieces of art. They have characters and space-themed socks to satisfy your child’s preferences.


Liat often says, “a mother is daughter’s best friend.”



So, it did not come as a surprise when CoverMe introduced a whole page, “MiniMe” (the name itself sounds so endearing), dedicated to matching stuff for mothers and daughters. Now you can both be trendy and stylish with a twining look.

It also beats out the competition in terms of affordability. CoverMe runs frequent sales. They even have a sale going on right now, and you can get pieces as many as 70% discount. And you even get an additional discount on signing up for the platform.

Even with full prices, the clothes are still budget-friendly. If that does not have you jumping up and down, then I don’t know what else will. Because this is the perfect opportunity to stock up.

So do not wait too long because you might miss out on the sale, and things are already selling out pretty fast. Happy shopping for you and your little one!


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