Business Social Media, Your Business & You!
Social Media, Your Business & You!

A Brief Introduction!

Social media is a routine part of our everyday lives, pervasive in society and also our culture. With smartphones and other mobile devices allowing people across the globe to instantly connect with one another, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are an integral part of our culture. The reality is that social media is almost inescapable, a fact of life as much as e-mail or text messaging, connecting hundreds of thousands of people and allowing them to instantaneously share information. With the saturation of social media in daily life and culture, if your business is not using social media for marketing, you are missing out on a great, free marketing tool with almost unlimited reach and growth potential. The three primary social media platforms – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – each have their own unique sets of business as a marketing tool for businesses.


Facebook lead the way as a platform for social media marketing. This is a great, free way to advertise, and has a unique set of benefits. One of the key features of Facebook is the increased exposure to potential customers. With over one billion users globally, you have potential to reach an enormously broad audience, but Facebook as a marketing platform also allows you to reach a targeted audience. There are two ideal ways to use Facebook for marketing. The first is to build brand loyalty. You can gauge marketing success by how many people are talking about your business page, and Facebook allows you to engage your audience and start the conversation. Engaging with your audience allows you to really build loyalty with your audience. The second advantage to Facebook is increasing your web traffic. Because of the format of Facebook posts, you have the opportunity to engage your audience, and then drive traffic back to your website.


Much like Facebook, Twitter serves as a way to engage your audience and build brand loyalty. Although you are limited to 140 characters, you have the ability to respond to tweets and engage potential customers. Use twitter to find people who are talking about your brand, business, or industry, and then engage those people, thus building brand loyalty by becoming an active, engaged, and personable business.


Instagram is a powerful platform for creating visual content for businesses, but often, visual is not enough to drive business. One of the greatest benefits to Instagram for businesses is how well it meshes with other marketing channels. Although you can now buy Instagram followers It is best to use a combination of social media platforms to enhance your business, and Instagram allows you to easily share your visual content not only on Instagram but on your other social media platforms as well, creating a diverse, visual marketing campaign. 

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