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Tagua Jewelry – Where Does It Really Come From?

Tagua jewelry is considered to be a stunning alternative to traditional ivory, but the point to consider here is where does it really come from and how is it made?

You must have known about ivory by now. It is beautiful, white and made using the elephant’s tusks, and this is one of the prime reasons why it is banned all around the globe. But do you know about vegetable ivory? This cruelty-free, gorgeous mineral is fabricated using the tagua nut and can be utilized in the same manner as ivory and that also without killing any animals.

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The Ecuadorian Ivory Palm gets tagua nut. As the Palm tree continues to grow, the tagua nuts get larger, thicker and harder within the seed pods. Some of the tagua nuts may grow up to 6 cms. Once the seed pods ripe, they are picked and later the seeds get dried in the sun. This process usually takes a number of days or even weeks depending on the weather conditions. As the nuts dry, they are carved and polished into jewelry and figurines of all sizes and shapes.

One other great advantage of Taguna jewelry is that it can be easily dyed using organic materials.

One of the greatest appears of Tagua jewelry is that it comes with the same off-white color as that of ivory.

The amazing ivory shade makes it easy to understand how these tagua nuts got called as the vegetable ivory. One other benefit of this is that it can be dyed easily using organic materials, which results in vibrant, bright color combinations, which can later be used to create the most beautiful Tagua natural fashion jewelry pieces you have ever seen. Check out more at

You will come across a broad range of tagua fashion jewelry to choose from. With amazing reds, eye-catching yellows, rich blues, and natural ivory colors, they are just the perfect statement piece that you can add to your natural jewelry collection. And as they come from a plant, they turn out to be ideal gifts for your eco-conscious and vegan friend and family. You can even opt for a tagua accent on your handbag to show off this striking piece of jewelry however you like.

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You can browse through the web to find the best of the best tagua collections. However, you need to be careful – once you have seen the incredible array of tagua earrings and necklaces, you perhaps be tempted to buy each and every piece.

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