Beauty The Best Travel Detangling Brush for 2021
The Best Travel Detangling Brush for 2021

Do you carry a travel brush with you in your purse? Is it a detangling brush? If not, you’re missing the point of carrying a portable brush with you.

Every woman and girl’s hair needs detangling. Even if you don’t think of your hair as the ‘tangling type,’ it happens. Think about when you try to run your fingers through your hair throughout the day.

What happens?

Do Your Fingers Get Stuck in Your Hair or Can You Run Them Straight Through?

Chances are your fingers get stuck because of the tangles. If you carry a travel detangling brush with you (and use it), you won’t have these problems. You can brush your hair throughout the day, putting it back in place and getting rid of the tangles.

So what makes up the best portable detangling brush that’s worthy of you carrying it? Here’s what to look for.

Strong Bristles

The bristles you use in your hair matter. Weak bristles will break, which leaves you without a usable brush. Bristles that are too strong, though, could ruin your hair. You don’t want anything too harsh, pulling on your hair more than necessary.

Instead, you want bristles that gently massage your scalp and promote proper blood circulation while getting through the tangles. No matter what brush you use, make sure you always work from the bottom up so you aren’t ripping through your hair, causing more damage.

Ergonomic Design

You’re more likely to use a travel brush when it’s easy to use. A brush with an ergonomic design will fit well in your palm and make it easy to brush your hair with either your right or left hand. You want something comfortable to use and not just comfortable for your hair – but your hand too.

Think about how you hold a brush and how likely you are to use it if it’s not comfortable. Just because it’s a ‘travel brush’ doesn’t mean it’s easy to use. Find one that’s made just the right size to fit in your palm and easily brush your hair.

A Bristle Cover

Today more than ever we are worried about germs, but they’ve always been a concern for hairbrushes. If you just throw a detangling brush in your purse with no cover, you leave the bristles at the mercy of whatever is lurking in the bottom of your purse. Think lint, debris, and bacteria – now do you want that in your hair?

Hopefully, you don’t – so you need something to cover the brush or you risk putting the dirt and debris in your hair. Let’s not forget that hairbrushes collect your stray hairs too – do you want the hairs floating around your purse? That’s why a suitable cover is crucial.

A Mirror Helps Too

Why not carry a detangling brush that doubles as a mirror? Every woman needs a mirror in her purse. Whether you’re brushing your hair, fixing your makeup, or you need to see something up close, a mirror is a must-have in every purse.

What if you could have a detangling brush and mirror combination? You get the best of both worlds – a quality brush and a functional mirror all in one. You won’t have to worry about digging for the brush and then the mirror, wasting time, and getting frustrated. The combination brush and mirror are perfect to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Try the Best Detangling Brush for 2021

The Macaron for Hair Travel Brush is hands-down the best travel detangling brush for 2021. It’s compact enough to carry around in your purse, diaper bag, gym bag, or suitcase yet powerful enough to take good care of your hair.

No one can pass up the sweet design and incredible colors. They add a bit of fun to your day and make you want to detangle your hair while you’re out and about. It’s a compact brush for a reason – it’s meant to not take up too much room in your purse, fit well in the palm of your hand, and help you detangle your hair as much as possible while you’re on-the-go.

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