Fall/Winter Fashion What Kind of Shirts Go Best with Ties?
What Kind of Shirts Go Best with Ties?

When getting dressed for the day, deciding what you’re going to wear and what will go well with it. Whether you’re deciding on shirts, trousers, socks, jackets, sweaters, or anything else if you want to come off as a fashionable person it’s best to be sure that what you’re wearing will work well. The way that you choose to dress yourself can say a lot about you as a person. The clothing that you wear is a form of self-expression of your identity whether you’re in a professional or personal situation.

When to Wear Ties

The most common place to wear ties is in professional settings, upper-class settings, or special events like weddings. Most of the time it’s best to wear a tie with a button-up, collared shirt. Depending on if you’re going for business formal or business casual this may be paired with a sports coat, a nice sweater, or another type of coat or jacket. If you need to dress formally, it might be paired with a nice pair of trousers. If you’re going to a more informal environment you might be able to get away with a clean pair of jeans that don’t have any holes or fraying. Dress shoes are always recommended for either environment, but if you’re entering a semi-formal environment you might be able to get away with a nice pair of tennis shoes.

You could also wear a tie with a t-shirt if you’re looking for a retro-punk kind of vibe. This look is entirely out of style and hasn’t been in vogue since the late ’90s or early aughts, but the key to pulling off any look is confidence. Many people might think that you’re not a fashionable person if you go for this look, but if it makes you happy and you think it looks cool you should definitely go for it. This look would definitely be best suited for casual settings, and definitely isn’t for those that are afraid of taking fashion risks.

When not to Wear Ties

Firstly, it’s always considered a fashion faux pas to wear a tie with a polo shirt. You can go for this look if you’re going for a retro rocker look, but in general, it’s not considered a good move from a fashion viewpoint. This also goes for the t-shirt and tie look. It takes a very confident person to pull off either of these looks and in general, it can still come off as an incredibly tacky choice. You should definitely not choose either of these fashion statements for work unless you’re having a themed office day or your work is very lax about how your dress.

Really, you should never wear a tie unless you either have to or want to. If you’re going to wear a tie for any reason, you should choose a collared button-down shirt that is a complementary color to your tie. This will allow for your outfit to look a lot more put together than if you don’t go for a good color scheme.

Ties can Make or Break Your Outfit

Everyone knows that women go wild for a sharp dressed man. A good suit and tie with a well thought out color scheme can make you come off as a fashionable person while you’re dressed to the 9’s. Whether you’re going to work, a hot date, a job interview, or a wedding putting your best foot forward and leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people you interact with. Choosing the right shirt and tie is just one piece of putting together a stunning outfit that will succeed in impressing even the pickiest fashionista.


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