Fashion What Makes No Crease Hair Ties Different?
What Makes No Crease Hair Ties Different?

If you wear your hair up often, you likely have a ton of hair ties floating around the house. But what about no crease hair ties? Have you tried them yet? They make a tremendous difference in how your hair looks and even its overall health.

Here’s why they are different.

No Hair Breakage

If you wear your hair up often and use regular hair ties, what happens to your hair? You might have noticed your hair breaking right where you wear the hair tie, especially if you wear it in the same spot every day.

No crease hair ties don’t cause this issue. They are gentle on your hair and don’t cause breakage. Even if you wear it in the same spot every day (you should always switch it up, though), you won’t be able to tell.

No Getting Tangled in your Hair

If you’ve ever tried wrestling a hair tie out of a tangled ponytail after a long day, you know the frustration. You might have even had to cut the hair tie out of your hair because it’s so tangled. 

The worst thing you can do to your hair is to constantly pull on it. This will make your hair even more tangled and cause breakage, plus you’ll lose some hair if you keep pulling. Coil hair ties don’t tangle, they gently hold your hair up without ever getting wrapped up in it. 

Won’t Leave Creases

We’ve all been there – you put your hair up because you’re hot or maybe you’re working out, but when you pull it down to go about your day, you have a giant crease in it. This makes you either not want to put your hair up or forces you to keep your hair in a ponytail all day, which may not be the look you want.

No crease hair ties don’t cause creases (hence the name). They keep your hair up tight, but they don’t hold it so tight that it suffocates your hair and causes creases. you can pull your hair up or down as many times in a day as you want and you’ll never see a crease.

Slide Right Out of Your Hair

Getting a hair tie out of your hair at the end of a long day can be frustrating. Even dragging it out of your hair can damage it – you’ll have broken hair and maybe even a clump of hair in your hand which isn’t healthy for your hair.

Coil hair ties slide right in and out of your hair just like you need. You don’t have to worry about fighting it to come out, breaking your hair, or messing up your hair if it’s the middle of the day and you’ve decided you want your hair down.

Look Great on your Wrist Too

Hair ties are for your hair, obviously, but sometimes we like to wear them on our wrists ‘just in case.’ Regular hair ties aren’t healthy to keep on your wrist because they are so constricting. It’s not good for your blood flow and let’s face it, they don’t look very cute.

Coil hair ties, on the other hand, are a great look! They can add to any existing wrist accessories you wear, and even dress things up a bit. They’ll work double duty for you as you go throughout your day. Whether you throw your hair in a high ponytail, low pony, or messy bun throughout the day, you’ll always have a hair tie with you when you wear a coil hair tie on your wrist. 

Coil Hair Ties are the New Trendy Accessory

Don’t ruin your hair with regular hair ties, especially if you wear ponytails or messy buns often. Your hair needs a break – it needs a hair tie that will hold your hair securely without breaking it or causing unnecessary tangles.

Available in a lot of great colors and styles, you can shake up your look and your hairstyles just by switching out the hair accessories you use. Whether you wear your hair up daily or just once in a while, it’s time to give your hair a break!

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