Beauty What Makes Workout Hair Ties Different?
What Makes Workout Hair Ties Different?

When you work out, you want your hair to stay in place. A bouncy ponytail or worse yet, a loose one could ruin your focus and make you stop working out. That’s the last thing you want! Your health relies on you working out.

Rather than letting your hair be a distraction, use the right workout hair ties so you can continue with your workout and not get distracted.

What makes hair ties meant for working out different? Here are the main differences.

They Stay Put

If you’ve ever worked out with a regular rubber band in your hair, you know how they slip. When your ponytail slips and the hair touches your neck, what happens? If you’re like most people you get hot or it bothers you and you stop to fix your hair.

What if you didn’t have to do that? Workout rubber bands stay put so you don’t have to worry about a slipping ponytail or messing with your hair and instead, can focus on your workout.

They are Comfortable

Let’s face it, regular hair ties are not comfortable. You usually have to pull them so tight that you can’t help but have head pain or feel tense. What good does that do you during a workout? If all you can think about is ripping the ponytail out of your hair, you aren’t focused on your workout.

Creaseless hair ties make working out so much more comfortable. They grasp onto your hair strands in a different way so you don’t have to tie it around your hair so many times or worry about it falling.

They can Get Wet

If your workout involves water (swimming) or you sweat a ton (hot yoga anyone?) you want hair ties that can get wet and not feel gross or get stuck in your hair. Wet rubber bands are difficult to get in and out of your hair and often just feel gross.

Creaseless hair ties don’t absorb water, though, so you could wear them to do just about any type of workout no matter how wet you’ll get and you’ll still be able to get them out of your hair. 

They Don’t Stretch Out

Sometimes we pull our hair so tight when we work out that we stretch out the hair ties rather quickly. That leaves your hair ties useless, aka a waste of money.

Work out hair ties don’t stretch out. First, they grasp your hair differently, so you don’t have to wrap them around your hair as many times. Next, you don’t have to pull so tight, so they don’t lose their shape. Most creaseless hair ties go back to their normal size when you take them out of your hair. If they don’t, applying a little heat, such as from a blow-dryer will bring them right back to their normal size.

They Slide Out of Your Hair

If you’ve ever worked out so hard that your hair tie gets tangled in your hair, you know the pain! Pulling your hair and breaking it doesn’t help anything, not to mention it’s a frustrating way to end your workout.

Creaseless hair ties slide right out of your hair, so they don’t cause this issue. You could have the hardest workout of your life and you’ll still be able to slide the hair tie right out of your hair, avoiding tangles, breakage, and frustration.

Add Workout Hair Ties to your Workout Outfits

You carefully choose your outfits to work out in, and now it’s time to carefully choose your hair ties. Whether you go to the gym or work out at home, your hair takes a beating when you throw it up in a ponytail and then work out hard.

With the right hair ties, you can keep your hair out of your face, untangled, and avoid the unnecessary pain that pulling your hair too tight causes. Stop dealing with broken hair and frustrated feelings when all you want to do is jump in the shower and cool off after your workout. Use the best workout hair ties and enjoy working out once again.

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