How Dangerous Is It To Own A Gun

A huge number of the legal weapons is in the hands of employees of security agencies. The Chamber of private security guards does not want to tell how many times weapons have been misused by people who work in the security agencies. There are people who work in these agencies who think that they have the full right to use weapons and threaten people with their power. According to army surplus store  these agencies should perform special testing before they hire employees to see if they are capable to handle situations that require a use of gun.

What remains an enigma is whether apersonwill freak out when a difficult situation approaches and they have a weapon to commit murder or suicide. These people can possess a gun or permit from the Interior Ministry of Internal Affairsbut still be very good at faking how kind and nice they are. These people are the most dangerous because they represent a threat for themselves and for anyone around them.

We just cannot identify them and find out how they will react in certain situation. This is why the misuse of weapons cannot fully be stopped. But what can be done is to monitor people who have guns and ask them to come to the station for an interrogation every three or six months to check their mental health. And if something seems suspicious the authorities should take their license immediately. That is how citizens will be more protected.

The total number of registered weapons in legal persons, among security agencies and individuals, shooting and hunting organizations is huge.

The Chamber says that the security agencies have a huge number of guns. According to records, almost all employed workers in private security legal entities whose job is to secure by providing services have guns. Anyway it should be noted that security agencies have complied with the Law on private security.

People who work in security agencies should be stable and grounded. Not everyone can work that kind of job. These jobs usually require calmness, intellect and willingness to help and protect other people. This doesn’t mean that you need to use guns as tools for protection, but in case you are obliged to use it for protection of yourself and the sake of other people you are allowed to use it. But only to defend yourself if someone else tries to attack you.

It is totally understandable if you want to own a gun just for sports and fun. It should be noted that shooting is also considered as a form of sports and hobby and a lot of people enjoy doing it as a recreation. Hunting is another hobby or sport that requires a use of weapons. But you still need to get a permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to own a gun for sports.

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