Ideas In Choosing The Right Plus Size Designer Dresses For A Wedding

During a wedding preparation, a lot of anxiety that couples feel is centered on shopping dress- especially for plus-sized brides. It’s understandable. While a good plus-sized dress is easier to come by, looking for something style and comfortable is still difficult. Here are 5 plus-sized wedding dress buying tips.

Know the shape of your body.

Whether buying a wedding dress or a tea length bridesmaid dresses from Bridesmaids Only, it’s important to know the body shape of the wearer. The bride should know whether she has an hourglass, square, pear, or apple shape.  Brides with hourglass and pear figures ideally look decent in an A-line waistline dress. For brides with apple or square figures, empires waistlines are a decent choice.

Feel at ease on your own skin.

Next, it is important that a bride should be comfortable in her skin prior to looking for a wedding dress. It is recommended that the bride should be OK in trying different styles of dress and removes negative feelings about the way she looks as much as possible. Wedding guests can tell whether or not the bride is comfortable with her dress.

Have time for changes.

It’s not a good idea to buy a dress last minute. It is advisable that brides should leave a minimum of three months between the date of buying the dress and the date of the big day. This way, it will give ample time for the dress delivery, initial fitting, and necessary changes.

Choose adornments.

Don’t easily get lured in to crystals, baubles, and beads, because they can be attractive but they can also make the dress’ weight heavier at the same time. If you are tying the knot in warm months, then it’s a great idea to avoid such adornments in order to reduce the overall weight of the dress. The same is true when buying bridesmaid dresses.

Choose comfort.

Generally, brides spend five to six hours in tress. While it is paramount to look stunning on plus size designer dresses, it is also essential to be comfortable. It’s best if brides pick a fabric and style that they are comfortable with. Choosing decent bridal accessories is also equally important.

Where to Shop Plus Size Designer Dresses Australia?


You can check out a trusted online shop like Bridesmaid Only if you want an amazing selection of wedding dresses. They also offer stunning cream bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, and maternity clothes at a price that will surely make you smile. One tip: it’s a smart proposition to take measurements before buying any of these dresses. Brides might also want to ask boutique salespeople for designers who offer wedding dresses for plus sizes.

Who says that plus-sized brides can’t have a stunning wedding dress during the big day? It’s a bit challenging at first, but as long as you put serious attention into the details, and you know what you want and what makes you feel comfortable, you’ll surely find the right garment that fits your size.

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