Shopping Golden Jewelry Suitable For Autumn
Golden Jewelry Suitable For Autumn

Autumn is the best season to wear jewelry,

More and more clothes are worn,

The color system is getting darker and deeper,

We even need the decoration of ornaments,

And the metal necklace is the easiest to wear fashionable sense,

It is also the best accessory for autumn and winter fabrics.

The golden necklace worth buying this autumn and winter,

Mainly these 3 categories ~

Metal collar


Mention golden ornaments,

The first recommendation for everyone to buy is an exaggerated metal collar,

This is the most common style in street shooting recently.

Pernille Teisbaek, a fashion blogger represented by Scandinavian minimalism,

I also posted pictures of myself wearing metal collars on social media.

This kind of collar necklace looks exaggerated,

In our impression,

May be used to match street style clothes,

But in fact, bloggers are used to match the new minimalist clothes,

There are some neutral styles in the simplicity.

For example, the recently popular BV style,

It is especially coordinated with the metal collar,

It looks very cool guy.

It happens that BV has also made this kind of jewelry this year

So we can see on the street,

Hipsters wear big suits, shirts, dad pants, even skirts, etc.

This kind of single product and metal collars are more in the same frame.

Many bloggers who like minimalism,

It has been worn more than once.

English alphabet


From last year to this year, there have been bloggers bringing goods for letter necklaces,

In addition to having a good sense of style,

The interesting thing is that ta has specificity,

It ’s a bit like personal customization,

You can choose a style unique to the first letter of your name,

The meaning seems to be different at once.

Many bloggers appear under their own names

Including brand logos with pendants of similar size to letters,

It is also popular.

The alphabet necklace is actually very similar to the metal collar,

The same is very strong,

But it is the product of minimalist brand design,

So everyone can also wear more solid colors or simple style clothes, it is easy to wear color.

Round coin necklace


Everyone should know the round coin necklace the most,

This is an accessory that can be seen in 80% of French wear,

The French style can be described as the daily wear that swept our Orientals this year,

So the surrounding accessories,

Everyone should be most familiar.

If it is a round coin necklace,

You can continue to wear it when you are casual and elegant,

Such as suits / tee + cone jeans.

Or all V-neck shirts, dresses, etc.,

All come with an elegant atmosphere.

The stacking of round coin necklaces and metal collars,

This year is also more popular,

The sense of hierarchy is richer and a little more handsome.

The ring can also make a beautiful landscape, according to different combinations with a engraved rings, skull ring, gemstone ring

-Edited words-

Fashionable in autumn and winter, golden ornaments can definitely be given,

But remember to make full use of ta to match your wardrobe,

Even small ornaments,

There is also the most suitable style for ta,

At least the most suitable style at the moment.

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